Build A Jet Engine

Subject Area: Engineering

Learning Objectives: Students will learn the different parts that make up a jet engine and how they work. Materials Needed: One computer, one Micro or Micro+ 3D printer, and one 250ft 3D Ink filament spool (PLA or ABS-R3 recommended) per 2-5 students, machine screws, flat washers, hex nuts, ball bearings, and a screwdriver.

Brief Description: Students will print and assemble a multi-piece jet engine.

To Prepare: Students will need a computer that has the M3D software on it. We recommend one printer per every 2-5 students. The Micro or Micro+ 3D printer will need to be plugged into both the wall and the computer. Each printer will need to have a 250ft spool feeding into the external port. A spool holder is also recommended.

If you need assistance with any of the above please see our guides at

Lesson Plan:

1. Students will go online to: and download the models. 2. Students will scale all the models to fit on the micro (while ensuring they remain the same size proportionately to each other) and print them. Some of the models are already scaled for smaller printers and those have the word “cut” in the file name. Some of the models already have built in supports, and some will need to be printed with additional supports. Please see the description on thingiverse for more information. 3. After all the parts have printed, students should assemble their jet engines. If assembled correctly, the jet engines should be able to spin and show the inner mechanics of a jet engine.

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