Bridge Fail

Subject Area: Engineering

Learning Objectives: Students will learn about bridge structure and what it takes to build a sturdy bridge.

Materials Needed: One computer, CAD software one Micro or Micro+ 3D printer, at least one 1,000ft spool of 3D Ink per 2-5 students, and weights.

Brief Description: Students will design and 3D print bridges then compete to see which one holds the most weight.

To Prepare: Students will need a computer that has the M3D software on it. We recommend one printer per every 2-5 students. The Micro or Micro+ 3D printer will need to be plugged into both the wall and the computer. Each printer will need to have a spool of 3D Ink feeding into the external port. A spool holder is also recommended.

If you need assistance with any of the above please see our guides at

Lesson Plan:

1. Either individually or in small groups, students will design a bridge in CAD. 2. Students should print their bridges. 3. After each bridge has been printed, students should compete to see which bridge can hold the most weight.

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